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199 Switchover FAQ

What are you asking me to do?
We are asking all SEIU Local 199 dues-paying members to sign a new membership card to transition their membership to SEIU Healthcare Minnesota & Iowa. It only takes 5 minutes to fill out the form, and we’re hoping everyone can fill it out by December 31, 2022. You can sign a new membership card on our website. Click “Direct Join Now” to get started.

Why is this happening?
This year, SEIU Local 199 merged with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota to form one union, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota & Iowa. We’re very excited about the power we can build together! As part of that process, we’re sunsetting out the SEIU Local 199 account. We want member dues to go toward organizing, not fees and charges to maintain multiple accounts. As such, we are hoping to get everyone switched over to the new membership form.

Are dues the same? 
Dues are the exact same as what you’re paying now. $57/month for full-time and $32/month for part-time. When you switch your membership, you are not signing up for an additional payment. Your current recurring payments to SEIU Local 199 will be canceled.

Will I be double-charged? 
You should not be double-charged. Once you sign the new membership form, we will cancel your recurring payments to SEIU Local 199. If for some reason your Local 199 payments are not canceled in time and you are double-charged, we will refund you in full for any overlapping payments.

I have left/I am leaving UIHC. How can I let SEIU know?
Your Local 199 membership will end if it has not already. Email Hannah Bott at to let us know.

I’ve switched my membership over! What now?
This January-March we will be negotiating our next contract at UIHC. Let us know what issues are important to you by filling out our 2023 bargaining survey. Interested in serving on the bargaining team or know someone who might be? Nominate yourself/them at the end of the survey.