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ANW Tech Bargaining

Bargaining News and Updates including proposals from the Union and employer.

[Tentative Agreement - August 25, 2023] (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b2oYkzX_MqmHaeqEm8mzVxEcB-awr_EK/view?usp=sharing)
Employer Economic Counter Proposal - June 22, 2023
Union Proposal #9: June 22, 2023
Union Proposal #8: June 22, 2023
Union Proposal #7: June 22, 2023
Employer Proposal #2: June 1, 2023
Union Proposal #2: June 1, 2023
Employer Proposal #1: June 1, 2023
Union Proposal #1: June 1, 2023 | Wages

Bargaining Update #4: June 29, 2023

We began our 4th round of negotiations reviewing our economic proposals most of which, 16 out of 19, the employer had declined the previous session.

While we made many movements in eliminating lesser popular economic items in an effort to get the employer to move, the employer was only interested in giving us the yearly across-the-board increases (5%, 4% and 4% with retro), a Baylor language that doesn’t include the monetary incentive, and a proposal to grandfather all Diagnostic Techs into the specials pay and hire any new Diagnostic Techs into the Diagnostic wage scale.

After nearly, 12 hours of bargaining, we did not come to an agreement. Both parties agreed to extend the contract until end of July and to schedule future bargaining dates.

The mediator and the employer were available to bargain on July 20 but because majority of our bargaining team members were on PTO that day, we had to reschedule.

The next bargaining date is scheduled for August 24. We are determined to get the best contract we can.

Bargaining Update #3: June 22, 2023

We started the day giving Allina two proposals, first one proposing they drop their Job Vacancies, Union Security and Job Promotion/Training proposals and the union agreeing to their PTO cash out option, probation period and a letter of understanding to make advanced certifications dormant during the life of this contract.

In our second proposal, we asked that they renew our two-remaining letter of understanding – LOU #88 and LOU #113 - and the union agreeing to their proposal under Appendix C for CT to follow XR’s holiday practices and accept Union’s modified proposal for XR’s PTO practices under Appendix B. We also proposed they add a language on guaranteeing employer cover call shifts that have been previously approved off.

The employer was agreeable to our first package proposal but was not agreeable to the union’s language guaranteeing coverage for call shifts that have been previously approved off in our second proposal.

After much discussion, including a caucus with the employer where we shared our deep concerns of short-staffing resulting in members getting forced to work more call shifts and the employer promising to do everything they can to address that problem, we made the decision to drop that language and reached an agreement on the second proposal.

We then proposed to drop Article 27 as we had previously proposed, with the employer, in return, accepting our proposal on Definitions (reducing full-time and part-time hours from 80 to 60, which will now enable students seeking government grants to become eligible) and the employer agreeing to our Health and Safety language on workplace violence. The employer agreed to this proposal, and we were, therefore, able to settle all non-economic languages.

While it was a fruitful day and we made many progress in our favor, at the very end of the day, the employer made their counter proposal to all of our economic proposals denying most items, which was disheartening and upsetting. We meet again on June 29 and will continue to keep up the good fight.

Now as we are getting into bargaining all things economics, we request that you continue to stay informed and united. We will be disturbing buttons and stickers and we ask you to proudly wear them every day, to show management that we are united for a fair contract that Pays Us, Respects Us and Protects Us.

Bargaining Update #2: June 8, 2023

Our second round of contract negotiations with Allina took place on Thursday June 8th.

After over 9 hours of back-and-forth proposal trading, we were not able to settle on the language for 2 of Allina's proposals but have made strides in the right direction.

Currently, the employer is required under our Job Vacancies language to post an open job posting listing any qualifications they require for that job, internally for 7 days. The employer can also post it externally concurrently. If, for example, no one applies for it or no internal candidate who applied for it meets the qualifications, the contract allows for employer to lessen the qualifications and repost the position after the 7 days, for another 7 days for anyone internal to apply. If an internal applicant meets the qualifications and applies within the 7 days, an internal candidate will be awarded the position as opposed to an external applicant.

The employer proposed to amend our Job Vacancies language by proposing a language that would enable the employer to post a job posting where they can list 3 tiered levels of qualifications as opposed to one. This the employer argued would shorten hiring time. While we agree that it is also in our interest to shorten the hiring time which would aid in alleviating short staffing, we remained skeptical of their proposal possibly giving external applicants an advantage over us. We did not agree to this proposal currently and plan to revisit it the next session and ask more questions to ensure this proposal doesn’t put internal applicants at a disadvantage.

The second proposal the employer made was an opportunity for radiologic technologists to train into other imaging roles with some criteria for qualification, which we attempted to bargain. We did not reach an agreement on this proposal and plan to revisit at the next session.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Thursday June, 22. We are determined to continue to fight for a fair and equitable contract.

Bargaining Update #1: June 1, 2023

We met with Allina for our first negotiations on Thursday, June 1. We are happy to welcome the ultrasonographic group to our contract, and who we will be bargaining together with.

We began the day with both parties proposing and exchanging our initial proposals.

Some of the highlights of our proposal included:

Allina would not discuss any financial matters on this round and deferred it to another sessions. The employer proposed to lengthen the probationary period to 120 days, proposed language to promote x-ray technologist to different jobs in radiology. The employer also proposed language that would make the hiring process faster by deferring to outside applicants over union members if they have credentials and offered a proposal to make advanced certification dormant.

We finished the day with reaching TA's (Tentative Agreements) on the following items:

The PTO cash out program will come from an e-mail if you meet the requirements of the program.
Renew LOU# 87
Renew LOU# 91

In Solidarity,

Your bargaining team

2021-2023 Contract

Bargaining Team