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Home Care Orientation Committee

Home Care Sector "Orientation Committee"

Hello there!

Thank you so much for showing interest in being a part of our Orientation Committee. We have dreamed about having an orientation program in homecare for years and we finally won it in our most current contract negotiations! Now we need your help to shape what this program looks like so that we can make sure everyone knows the power of our union and how they can be involved!

At this time there is room for 2 clients/workers to join Sumer and Phillip on this committee. That may grow in the future, as we build the program, but for now we will have 4 total SEIU representatives on this committee.

What will this committee do?

If this is something that you are interested in you may nominate yourself starting March 13th using this form:


We want to know why this role is important and exciting to you. Most important, we want to know what YOUR goals are for our orientation program and how you can help our committee make that happen.

The nomination period is open until 10pm Thursday, March 23rd. We will then have a voting period from 12pm Friday, March 24th thru 12pm Friday, March 31st.

Come back here on Friday, March 24 through March 31 to find out who the candidates are, about them, and instructions on how to vote. We will also text a reminder.

We will send an email AND post on our Facebook page who the winner is, after the voting period ends.

Thank you so much for being a part of this monumental step forward for home care workers, and clients in our state.