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Orientation leaders are members that meet with new members to introduce them to the benefits of being a union member, learn about their concerns, provide them with information about the work that we do and opportunities for them to become involved in the union.

Grievance leaders are members who encourage members to ask questions and learn about the contract; assist members in resolving workplace issues informally; are available to represent members in Weingarten, disciplinary and grievance meetings; and investigate potential and ongoing grievances to determine merits of an issue/grievance by requesting information, interviewing witnesses, and more.

Political leaders are members who are actively involved in achieving our union’s political goals to be the strongest voice for health in the State by electing candidates and holding them accountable to our members, winning legislative victories including a strong home care contract, advocating increased funding for long-term care, and aligning with other groups building political power for working people who decide who governs our state.

Worksite leaders are members who advocate for members in the workplace by representing them in Weingarten, disciplinary, and grievance meetings. They organize members around widely felt issues and take the lead in addressing those issues through collective action and member engagement.

The officers of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota work together to provide leadership and direction for our union. The President, along with the Executive Vice Presidents, act to the best of their abilities to further the purposes and objectives of the union. They are elected by the membership of our union, in elections that take place once every three years.

The Executive Board is comprised of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members from all across the state, who meet quarterly, together with the officers, to direct the union and make plans to maintain a strong membership.

The SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Member Convention is held annually in September. We invite you to join with fellow members as we spend the day celebrating our victories and setting the course for the coming year. Members plan and shape the events of the day and the goals we set over the next year.

If you're interested in getting involved or learning more talk to the Internal Organizer at your facility or contact the Member Action Center: 651-294-8100 | 800-828-0206 |