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Some Personal News

June 16, 2021

Some personal news from President Jamie Gulley.

From President Jamie Gulley

Many members might not know this, but last October my family experienced a house fire. Everyone was ok, including the girls and all four of our pets. The fire department arrived quickly, and we know how much worse things would have been without their incredible response and help. However, the house saw extensive fire and smoke damage that resulted in us needing to move into temporary housing until the home could be repaired. Last week, we were very happy to be able to move home!

The experience, unfortunate as it was, has left me feeling incredible gratitude for the many blessings we have; for our family and neighbors, and for the first responders in my community. We received so much support from so many people. For the members and staff who knew what we were going through, thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words of encouragement. They were so very appreciated!